• Piers in the use of gabions and gabion mattress, effectively alleviate the impact of water on the pier! Enable the pier to get the most favorable protection! And gabion stone in the gap, which can effectively block the flow erosion, are the characteristics of hexagonal gabion.
    Field studies have shown that slope protection systems combined with protective and living systems often prove more cost-effective than vegetative treatments or structural solutions alone. The combination helps with long-term stabilization, reduction of sediments that affect aquatic species and water quality, as well as creation of diverse habitat. The integrated approach to restoring, rehabilitating, and reclaiming offers completely watershed management for present and future generations.
    Gabions can be employed in a variety of ways to stabilize soil conditions around bridges, bridge piers and bridge abutment slopes. Generally the angle of the slope shall determine what structure type is best suited for the gabion applications.
    Reno Mattresses is a double twisted hexagonal woven galvanized steel wire mesh compartmented basket with a rectangular mattress shape. The cells of the reno mattresses are of equal size, and are formed by internal diaphragms being placed within the basket providing even distribution of the stone fill throughout the mattress. Stone padding ensures that the reno mattress maintains intimate contact with the soil.
    Feature of bridge protection
    Flexibility, enabling the structure to tolerate differential ground settlement without compromising structural integrity.
    Anti corrosive and washing-away-resisting, high resistance to natural damage, bad climate, quake and other impact.
    Bridge Protection GabionBridge Protection GabionBridge Protection GabionBridge Protection Gabion
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